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That Photographer is how much?!

analog single-lens reflex camera

ing holidays and special events or people just wanting some quality images, there are a variety of photographer’s that you can find that would make a good fit to meet your style. Photography isnt something you need but a necessary. Then some people may ask why is pricing so high?

You aren’t just getting pictures. Your getting an item that will cherish for a lifetime, an image of a special stage in your life.

Your getting someone’s experience.  Some more experience photographers may have other prices but you need to think,  do you like this photographer style after seeing their portfolio? Do you want work like this? Do you want someone with their experience?

Besides photos,  there is a process. Travel, set up, getting the right gear/ props, time spent. Some props may be provided depending on what the photographer has.  This isn’t just about taking photos. As a photographer, we enjoy this. We want to spend our time and make sure everything goes right and the shoot goes well.

Then there’s editing. we use quality software to edit the photos. And if you request, order prints, albums . Yes these may cause a price but we make sure we them looking nice.


Price dont always mean skill level. Some people may like soemone else phtoot style or maybe the photographer offer a sepcific service that someone else deosnt.

In the world of professional photography some people may be confused what ” professional really entitles.

Everyone had different experience, so If your a semi new photographer but but have a good portfolio, does that make me a professional ? In my words yes. Some people may ask why should I pay this much for this certain photographer. Should I find someone with lower prices?

It basically depends on what you want. For example, if you see someone with years of experience, lots of gear, good reviews with high prices- then your getting type of service.

What about those with some experience but a good portfolio?

You see the photographer’s price and you can see if you want to hire them based on the quality

Either way, If you like their style or maybe the photographer offer’s a specific service that someone else doesnt..


-So don’t be encourage.
-Keep learning, keep being inspired, inspire others.
-Offer free shoots or a small fee( for travel, working compestation) and start from their to keep adding to your portfolio . Make sure they sign a model realse that you can add these photos to your portofllio/online.

-In exchange for a free or discount pohotoshoot ask for them to fill out aestimoanl that you can add to your page or ask them to give you a review online- that way future potential clients can know what others think about you, which adds up!
-Offer a special / giveaway=
– hand out  business cards- get your name out there in the community( since thats what most of the potential clients might want a local photographer) not just online. and attend events/vendor opportunity’s.

-Never give up! Even if things don’t turn out then you originally thought, take a different approach, offer a new skill, and just have fun.


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